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Ann Ranlett

Ann Ranlett, MSA, is an artist & illustrator specializing in pet & animal portraits and nature subjects. She is a Master (MSA) member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists and Associate member of the Society of Animal Artists.

Nicholson Van Altena Glass

Nicholson van Altena Glass was Formed in 2018 by second generation glass artists Hannah Nicholson and Alana van Altena. Specializing in freehand blown glass, we like to play with the fluid nature of the molten material.

Laura Bracken

I strive to create jewelry that is eye-catching without being ostentatious. I think good jewelry tells a story and I want that story to pass on from my mind to my hands, into the materials. This continues as the customer wears the jewelry and gets to talk about it with interested viewers.

Art by Rothwell

Although the subject matter of Rothwell's etchings was playful, her involvement in the process by which they were executed was a devout labor. All Rothwell etchings were hand-inked and pulled by the artist on her hand-turned Sturges Etching Press on 100% rag paper in signed and documented editions. The artist was in control of the process from conception to the final pull of the printed image with many editions limited to a relatively small number, usually 50.