How-to: Snipits
What are they and how to use them...
E-zine snipits allow the author to add non-textual items to an e-zine story block. Snipits include: an image, a caption for an image, a link to external web page, adding story blocks, etc.

Let's add an image to this block. When in edit mode, the Sand Box can be used to review the formatting required for a specific Snipit. The keyword for the Snipit structure to display an image is: pix

Look in your media library and find the filename following the PIX Link: found under the image. In our example: aa_icon.jpg
Substitute the image_file_name in the Snipit with the filename, and here it is:

The pix Snipit will always display the image at 100% of the block width. Other image sizes are available. pix2 to display images at 50% and pix4 to display images at 25%.

PIX2 example.

PIX4 example.

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