What is an E-Zine?
The easy answer is "an electronic magazine, whether via a Web site or an email newsletter." And if you search for e-zines online you will find a wide variety of formats available.

But our e-zine is just a little different. How?

1. It is NOT an online version of a printed magazine or a flip magazine. (most online e-zines follow this model, which is a little cumbersome to read online.)

2. It IS a collection of articles and images specifically designed for easy online reading, either with a desktop computer, tablet, or hand-held device.

3. The powerful back-end submission form allows for one, a few, or many contributing editors.

4. The e-zine widget may be embedded in an organization or individual's website to become an integral part of that website branding.

Please contact Blue Cat Studio to find out how to get your own e-zine.
Well the sunflower and busy bee above don't really have anything to do with eZines, other than bees do make a "zzzzzzz" sound. Many thanks for Regan Sobaje for lending us her beautiful photo.
Rebecca Martinez